Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Group Policy - Notes

Workstations check with Active Directory every 60 to 120 minutes to see if there are any new policies. If there are, then the workstations apply them - both user and machine policies.

If you are using group policies, local policy is always processed before site, domain, or OU group policies

Policies are reapplied every 90 minutes, with a 30-minute "randomization" to keep the domain controller from getting hit by many computers at once

Policies on DCs are refreshed every 5 minutes

Order in which policies are applied: local > site > domain > OU
If multiple GPOs attempt to set a setting to conflicting values, the GPO with the highest precedence sets the setting

GPO-links that are enforced cannot be blocked from the parent container


Managing inheritence of Group Policy:

Referenced from "Mastering Windows Server 2003" by Mark Minasi

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